Are you a Diligent Father?

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The website The Diligent Father is now available to everyone. This website is an extension of the website De Goede Huisvader (The Good Family Father), that was founded by the Dutch father, photographer and writer Harm Jagerman. The Diligent Father has one question for you: Are you a diligent father?

A diligent father knows what it’s like to take care of his child or children. He doesn’t run away from responsibilities and believes in equality. He loves writing about his children and it’s no problem for him to do this in English. He might even combine writing with wiping faces, changing diapers or cleaning up misplaced toys! Are you that father? Then contact The Diligent Father and find out how you can write for this website.
There are many, many, many mommy blogs. There is nothing wrong with that! Mothers should be able to write about their lives with their families too!
Let’s get one thing straight: the standards don’t apply to The Diligent Father. This website is an open platform and isn’t limited to the so-called standards when it comes to work, relationships or even religion. Equality isn’t limited to the relationship between woman and man. And it isn’t even limited to just the fathers. Still, the site uses the title The Diligent Father, since we want to make clear that this is a website that wants to change. But, we also want to entertain and inform.
Are you interested in writing for this website? Go ahead! Contact The Diligent Father.
The Diligent Father is an initiative of Harm Jagerman. Harm started writing for De Goede Huisvader a few years ago. In daily life Harm is a father of two children and combines his company activities with the care for these two. He started writing in English for De Goede Huisvader but decided it was time to take it a step further. That’s why there is The Diligent Father.


Harm Jagerman

Schrijvende en fotograferende huisvader.

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