The main characters

This website, my Facebook page, my Twitter page and my Instagram account wouldn’t be possible without ‘my’ main characters.

Who are these main characters?

Mijn wetenschapper

My Scientist

A Child of the eighties and since 2007 my significant other. Was given a Frysian name, but she has Amsterdam roots. She is Boss in a laboratory at the Leiden University of Applied Sciences. She has her own website too, check it out!

Number 1

Number 1 often listens to the name Dante. Named after that great Italian Dante Alighieri. He was born in 2008. He has his own website, check it out.


Nummer 2

We gave Number 2 the name of a Greek Tragedy: Pyramus and Thisbe. She’s anything but tragic. A Waldorf-child, likes pink, fairytales and has a weakness for ear warmers and bows.

Number 1 and Number 2? These are the names that I used based on who was born first.