In 2014 I came up with the idea to start a website about myself. A website that would focus on a father who stays at home and combines his work (freelancer, self employed) with the care of two children. I started to write under the pen name De Goede Huisvader. I wanted to focus on those role patterns and the need for change. Combined with some background stories about myself, my family and everything I found important.

There was a time I worked for a boss. Full time. This changed after my son was born in 2008. I decided to cut off one day of work, to take care of my son. This changed after my daughter was born in 2011. I wanted to encourage my betterhalf to have her own carreer. At first this was as a scientist. Later on she became a manager of a laboratory. Nowadays she works as an accountmanager. I believe in equality for all genders, so why should she not be successfull at what she does? Who am I to stop her?

The idea
The idea

De Goede Huisvader is Dutch for The Good Stay-at-home Dad. I translated this concept later on to The Diligent Father. I decided to merge both websites into one website, because maintaning two website is rather time consuming.

The idea was simple: to start writing about my life as a father. Focussing on the need for change in this world.

In 2013 things changed. I experienced a burn-out. I decided to quit my job as a application manager in the hospital I worked at. I wanted to focus on my children and my own company.

As of 2014 I was the stay-at-home dad. But I did more than that. I was also a photographer, website developer and writer. In 2015 I decided to retry working for a boss. After two unsuccesful attempts, I decided to be (again) the stay-at-home dad. This was mostly because the employers didn’t care much about the situation in our family. My son was diagnosed with PTSS and needed treatment. He also had problems at school, so I needed to be there for him. In 2018 I participated in a website project by creating a full platform for a webshop. In September 2019, I decided it was enough and as of October 2019, I am again the stay-at-home dad, who’s also a photographer, website developer, designer and writer. A new project is coming up very soon!

Dante and Thisbe

What can I do for you?

The name The photographing family father (Dutch: De fotograferende huisvader) is the one I use as a photographer for personal photos. If you’re interested in business photo shoots, I use the name Harm Jagerman Photography.

I also create and maintain websites. Read more on this website.