Camera Drama

Camera Drama

It was such a beautiful Sunday afternoon and evening. First, a photo model that posed for me, when I asked her if she wanted to test the photo studio equipment. Afterwards, I was surprised by My Scientist, who also wanted to pose for me. The evening ended with a Camera Drama.

If you ask me to describe myself, I will do this as follows: A photographing and writing father. I plan my company activities “around” the schedules of my children. My Scientist brings in the “most bread.” Yes, this is also possible. This isn’t a fight about who brings in the most money. It’s just something that is our way of doing things.
Back to the first photo session. My daughter found it no problem to pose for me. She is used to my camera and has learned to take on different poses. She acts like a true model and even chooses her own attributes for the photo sessions. At the end of the afternoon, she was tired and we stopped.
That night – o wonderful night, when both children are sleeping – My Scientist posed for me. A photo session that would capture her in all her beauty. She dressed nicely and also took on some poses, just like her daughter did. It all seemed to “work”, till the moment my camera fell. Then it all went wrong from there.
I immediately knew that it was bad. Cameras are capable of withstanding a certain amount of impact or falling. In this case, it was just bad. An error message appeared as soon as I turned on the camera and the focus options didn’t function anymore. Searching the internet resulted in some solutions, that didn’t seem to work. I decided to give up. The next day, I went to the shop where I bought this camera four years ago. The news wasn’t good.
No, it wasn’t good news. The insurance company gave a reaction and wanted to see a receipt for the repair or an estimated price. I decided to take the camera home with me because it would not only take sixty euros to just send the camera to Sony NL, it would also take about six weeks for to investigate what was going on. The shop where I buy my equipment always offers good advice. In this case, they gave the tip to go to another camera shop, with an own repair workshop. Unfortunately, the owner of this shop sighed as I told him what was going on. It usually can’t be solved…
Luckily, the kind lady of the insurance company gave me information what I could get back from them. If this is the end of my camera, I should not worry about all of this. Only will take time. Patience is not my best virtue.
My two children reacted very sweet and empathic to the news their mother told them this morning. They managed to find just the sweet little words. Words of comfort, that are not small at all. These are small words, with a big impact.
Yes, and now… wait. Waiting is not my best quality…

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