Diversity as a revenue model instead of the norm

Diversity as a revenue model instead of the norm

Such great news from Hollywood films and producers of games. Diversity seems to be on the agenda nowadays. Instead of being a norm or standard, it seems to be a revenue model. Something that will guarantee profit for the movie or game that is released. What do I, a father of two children, think about this diversity?

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Diversity is a good thing. Diversity is a reflection of what society really looks like. Not everyone is, just like me, white, married and has two children. I know, I fit right into the standards. Except for the fact that I am the one who stays home and takes care of the children. My Scientist works 40 hours per week. That doesn’t seem to fit in the standards.
In Hollywood, the subject of the family father has been the center of many movies. Usually, it’s a clumsy dad, who was forced to stay home when he lost his job. This dad doesn’t want this and feels less than his wife, who works. In real life, there are examples of those who are forced into this new situation, but it doesn’t apply to everyone. When it comes to myself, we both decided that we wanted to change things for us. Not to be a role model or set new standards. Still, we might have. It wasn’t intentionally.
It is the same for the movies and games that focus on diversity. These are hot. Take for instance a video game that shows two women kissing (Last of US 2) that was presented at the E3 event in Los Angeles. Some people claim that this has nothing to do with the game and they see it as an easy way to get some attention. Others think this is a new way to show there is more in this world than a relationship between man and woman. Most of all, it’s the first time this has been done and that’s what bothers me.
There is always a first time for everything. Learning to walk, riding a bicycle or driving in a car. It is the same with the entertainment industry. There is always a first time to introduce something. This gimmick might work. There is a chance that this new thing will catch on and then what? Once the feeling of something new has passed, what then? Is this then the new standard or will things eventually turn back to what they were before? Meaning: less diversity and more of what is mainstream? Once the revenues are worn out, what then?
These questions I can’t answer. What I do know that I think it shouldn’t be something that is uncommon. It should be something that is there because our society is build up like this. There shouldn’t be applause because of this. We should feel ashamed that it wasn’t there before. Revenues should not be the basis for the introduction of people who aren’t that different but seem to be. These people aren’t different. These people are people, nothing more. The way they love, the way they look, the way they talk or whatever they are or do are things that are normal. Unfortunately, not for everyone.
Diversity has turned into something that seems to be commercialized. It differs from that what I tell my children. People do things the way they want. They believe in certain values, they think in a certain way. Who are we (meaning: my children and myself) to judge all of this, as long as it doesn’t include something illegal. Yes, I know, in some countries illegal stuff isn’t really illegal. It’s based on religious beliefs that make this illegal. Or it can be the cause of a political system that is just plain rotten.
The most important lesson I teach my children when it comes to diversity: never judge a book by its cover. Don’t consider it to be something that is strange. People of the same sex can love each other. People with a different color of skin aren’t less. Those who choose to believe in a certain way aren’t less or more. Openness, honesty, and respect those values matter.
What about that moment when the “magic” is over (meaning: the revenues stop)? What will happen then? Hopefully, these things that are now “new” (they aren’t) will become part of the standard if there even is a standard.

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