His first school lecture

His first school lecture

Every day children around the world give lectures at school. This is normal. There’s nothing wrong with that, is there? This time it’s different. My son has atychiphobia, the fear of failing or performance anxiety. This is the story about a young boy, who fights a brave battle against this. Tomorrow it’s time for his first school lecture.

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When he was told by his teacher that he had to speak in public (in front of the class), he chooses the subject “PlayStation.” Yes, our son is the owner of a Playstation III, that we bought in a secondhand shop in December (for his birthday). We told him, that this wasn’t a good subject. It became clear to him that he wasn’t supposed to play a game, but tell something about any subject. He changed to photography after he realised that D-Day also wasn’t a good choice. This school lecture was something that was far, far away…
He was supposed to give this lecture last week. We decided to move this lecture to June 7th, tomorrow. It gave him more time to prepare. It became clear to us that he still fights his anxiety. We are more than lucky to have such a sweet and emphatic friend. He can be found at various markets in The Netherlands and I mentioned him in a blog that I published yesterday. His passion for his work is something he wants others to experience. He knows what our son is going through and never stopped believing in him. The times our son was going through really difficult times in his life were those moments who also showed that this friend was always giving our son a fair chance. From all this compassion the idea of a Peanutbutter Manager developed. Check out this Instagram post, to find out what’s it all about. A few weeks later our son was busy at the market stand to promote the products of Ilias Delicatessen. You can see more about this here.
On the way back home, after he finished his “shift”, he told us that he was ready for the school lecture. If he was capable of speaking to total strangers and promote products, he believed he was also ready for his classmates. These weren’t just words, this was a small victory. Maybe even a big one…
Our son fights his battle on daily basis. This battle is all about who he is and what he thinks about himself. There are days that it’s fine and other days when it’s not. As parents, you want your children to conquer their fears. What he said on the way home was so important!
Yes, he is very, very nervous. He has never done this before. He even made a vlog about the development of photos back in the days before the digital camera’s arrived. This is added to the presentation. These days children are supposed to use PowerPoint or LibreOffice Impress. That’s totally different when I held school lectures… Then again, I am old(er) and times changed…
His first school lecture
In his vlog (sorry, it’s in Dutch), he explains how photos were developed. Tomorrow I will personally bring the equipment that he wants to show to his school. I hope that it will all go well and he it will be a feel-good-experience!

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