Webcams uitverkocht of te duur?

Webcams sold out or too expensive?

Working at home and homeschooling. It all asks a lot from us. If you find yourself in trouble when dealing with a situation without a webcam when you need one, here’s some help. You don’t need to worry about webcams that are sold out or that are too expensive. Turn your smartphone into a webcam.


IKEA knows what is important!

Over the last few days, there’s been a lot of discussion about changing diapers in public restrooms. Unfortunately, these aren’t widely available. When I visited IKEA this weekend, I noticed that there is a possibility to change diapers in the men’s restroom. IKEA knows what’s important.


Why we should listen to what Greta Thunberg has to say

She isn’t a head of state, queen or president. She is therefore not allowed to speak in front of the European Parliament. GretaThunberg is only sixteen years old, but she noticed there is a need for a change. A change in the way we want to stop climate change. She made fame with her School […]


Are you that parent who is OK with bullying? Really?!

Let’s ask a question: if your child bullies other children, are you really OK with this? I am asking this question because in The Netherlands we focus on bullying this week. In Dutch this week is called Week tegen pesten. In English, it means as much as Week against bullying.

The Excuse Queen

My daughter is a very sweet girl. She is also one of those girls who can be called an Excuse Queen. She is capable of creating the most “beautiful” excuses. Sometimes these excuses are so creative. She isn’t the only one. There are more children who make up “great” excuses. I will focus on my […]


And now, business as usual?

And now, business as usual?

The commemoration of the 75-year liberation of Auschwitz is over. We all heard and saw the stories of those who survived. And now, business as usual? After commemorating all of this, we should get back to things as they were? Like nothing ever happened?


On social media

On social media

We are the proud owners of a chocolate brown Labrador retriever. He came home with us last Saturday. We’re adjusting to this new situation and I decided to set up a few social media accounts. Something I would dream of doing about a year ago.

The Corona Crisis

That was a hundred photos ...

That was a hundred photos …

When I posted a simple photo of my son on his BMX bicycle, I had no idea that this would lead to a photo series of one hundred photos. Every day it was all about The photo.

Life in Quarantine

Life in Quarantine

On 15 March the Dutch government issued the closing of all Dutch schools. Parents were already asked to work from home, but now became teachers. We had to adjust to this new situation. After seven days, it resulted in a photo series: Life in Quarantine.

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