I’m every retailer's dream

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It’s more than clear! I can’t be anything else. I am every retailer’s dream. I can be seduced easily when it comes to discount. Even when I don’t really need those things I bought. I will always find a way to buy them.

Today I went to a local discount store. I wanted to buy a power plug. I came home with a new hat and sunglasses. Oh, let’s not forget the peanut bar I bought. I asked myself: “Did I buy the power plug?” This question isn’t a stupid one to ask myself, because it happened more than once that I forgot to buy that what I came for. Instead, I bought teapots for My Scientist, toys for my children and everything that seems to be just so cheap.
Every time when I am about to enter a shop that sells tons of temptations (especially for me of course), I sigh and tell myself: “You are strong, you only need to buy what you need.” I must be saying this with a volume that’s too low.
My record – so far – is in the Dutch discount store Action. I managed to buy products with a total value of € 75,- That is a lot and it almost didn’t fit into my shopping cart. Try explaining this at home…
The trouble is that it can happen at almost every store. My Scientist knows this and she has forbidden me to enter these shops where I am most likely to be tempted. Unfortunately, the list is long and some shops on this list – including the local discount store – are places I still need to visit. Amongst the shops that I can’t visit is IKEA. I know that I am most likely to spend loads of money in this shop, including the things that aren’t on my shopping list.
I know that I am not the only one who is tempted or seduced. The kind lady who allowed me to go first at the cash register had a shopping cart filled with products. She explained that she only came in for an inflatable animal for in the swimming pool…
In short: I am every retailer’s dream. Discounts, they are so tempting. If only the products I really need were at a discount. I am still looking for a laptop…
How about you, how easy can you be tempted?

The sunglasses and hat...
The sunglasses and hat…


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