De Goede Huisvader's

Lockdown 2.0

The Dutch government issued a second lockdown in December 2020. This was a more strict lockdown than the first one, that started in March 2020.

So, it was time to continue where we left off with the photo series Life in Quarantine and Working from home.  


Day 3

The third day of the lockdown. They came up with this idea after I announced that we would continue with the photos on and with the table in our living room.

Day 4

They came up with this idea. Something that they said about: “We will benefit from this!” I didn’t quite understand it…

Day 5

On the fifth day of the lockdown, we rehearsed for the Christmas dinner. That went pretty well (not).

Day 6

On sixth day of the lockdown, my daughter had a flashback to the previous lockdown. To what seemed to be valuable then. She tried to sell me one for ten euros.

Day 7

Silent Night…

Day 8

Day 8 of the lockdown and the question is how to deal with some major issues. How to make sure that not everything sticks? Another problem: How to glue a dinner plate? Now that the essential shops are closed, you have to order things like these online. But, it will take too long for the order to arrive and soon it’s time for Christmas dinner…

Day 9

The ninth day of the lockdown made me apologize. The queues at the supermarkets were too busy. Shopping online to order from the supermarket learned that they were able to deliver groceries in February 2021. But don’t worry, my children can always choose! Supper for Christmas Eve was no exception.

Day 10

Christmas 2020. Everything is different… That’s true for the Christmas brunch…

“Mom and Dad are sitting opposite each other. You will see where …”

Day 11

Day 11 of our lockdown and the children started their own Top 2000. The Top 2000 is broadcasted every year and contains the best songs ever.

Day 12

Day 12 of the lockdown and it was time to taste some food. I’m not sure if everyone was satisfied with the outcome…

Day 13

On the thirteenth day of the lockdown I wanted to repair the toaster. I could order one online, but it would take until March for it to arrive. In addition, the children wanted to toast the bread today …

Day 14

Ah yes, on the fourteenth day of our lockdown, we found one of those too. A monolith. I have to admit, this one has a slightly different shape than the examples that are found all over the world. There is a chance that I have been inside for too long and I’m just imagining things…

Day 15

On the thirteenth day of the lockdown I wanted to repair the toaster. I could order one online, but it would take until March for it to arrive. In addition, the children wanted to toast the bread today …

Day 16

New Year’s Eve 2020 was also the sixteenth day of the lockdown. My children decided to go for the quietest New Year’s Eve ever … ⠀

Day 17

On the first day of the new year, also the seventeenth day of the lockdown, no photo. Read the caption of the photo from day 18 and you will know why …

Day 18

Being awake after twelve on New Years Day is being grumpy until 7 January!

That’s why there was no photo on the seventeenth day of the lockdown. There is one on the eighteenth day of our lockdown!

Day 19

When your parents have told you that homeschooling is supposed to start on Sunday instead of Monday …

Day 20

 This sums it up well … A first day of homeschooling …

Day 20 of our lockdown, by the way. I had to think about the exact day for a moment, because I have lost sense of time.

My son found out that he was free according to his roster – which we said he should check out earlier. Daughter did her school work, including a teams meeting, in an hour and a half.

For my better-half I installed a place to seek refuge… ehm, a place for her online meetings. On the landing. Mine was the kitchen. There was coffee and beer there..

When is the holiday ?!

Day 21

Day 21 of our lockdown and on this second day of homeschooling, No. 1 was apparently very productive.Three headsets and two laptops.

Day 22

Lunch time. Someone had to answer the phone and email anyway ..

Oh yes, this one happened spontaneously in this chaos of homeschooling and working from home …

Day 23

We wrestled. Looks like the table won…

Day 24

When you just thought you could sleep after another week of working from home, someone decides it is time to celebrate another week of home schooling.