Over the past years, I talked about equality and emancipation. Maybe it’s time for us to talk! Contact me for more information!

Screenshot van de website van NRC

"Als huisvader krijg ik vaak ongevraagde reacties"

For the Dutch morning newspaper NRC, I talked about our financial situation. The inteview is in Dutch.

Screenshot Vrouw Magazine

Vrouw Magazine

A special for Father's Day, to show what it's like as a full time father.

Editie NL

Harm is huisvader: 'We houden nog te veel vast aan traditionele man-vrouw-verdeling'

For the Dutch television I was interviewd together with my children. This was because of the news that the MP of New Zealand, Jacinda Ardern, was pregnant and her husband was going to take care of the child, once it was born.

Gids in Gezondheid

Harm is huisvader

For the Dutch website Gids in Gezondheid (part of the Dutch insureance company ONVZ), I was interviewed about my vision on fatherhood.

What I have to tell you...

I have no problem talking about my vision on society and especially the way we should give women equal chances. 

I do want to tell more about raising children and the way I do this as a full time father. I also like to tell you more about Waldorf Education and the Dutch schools for special needs children.