My blog is in a crisis!

My blog is in a crisis!

Yes, you’ve read it correctly: my blog is in a crisis! There is only one that is guilty of this. No, my website isn’t under attack by hackers or spammers. There is one guilty one and that is “Her.”

For a few years, I have been writing blogs under the Dutch name De Goede Huisvader. When translated into English this means The Good Family Father. I blog about the things I find important. This can be events that passed or it can be about world news. I want to show that there is more than the traditional standard role patterns. These blogs also give an inside view of how I see things as a father of two children.
In my blogs, I write about Number 1 and Number 2. Number 1 is my son, Number 2 is my daughter. It has nothing to do with who is more important. They are equal. The numbers represent the entries to this world. First, there was a son, a few years later a daughter. I will never tell you who is more important. Simply because no one is more important than the other. These two are part of my life.
And so is “She” …
“She” is My Scientist. In daily life, she listens to the name Hinke. Sometimes she doesn’t. This depends on the subject. When I ask her what the capital of Australia is, she can’t answer. Well, she might now, because she Googled this. It doesn’t make her a dumb person. I don’t know anything about the scientific things she does. I can’t tell you anything about “Antimicrobial susceptibility testing of Gram-positive and -negative bacterial isolates directly from spiked blood culture media with Raman spectroscopy. “This doesn’t make me a dumb person (no need to comment on that).
In my blogs, I introduce her as My Scientist. She is a scientist. Sometimes things can be that simple.
Question: why is it a crisis?
“She” has actually nothing to do with the name I use for her. That is my choice. Still, she is the guilty one.
What kind of crisis is this?
This is a typical example of a luxury crisis. A problem that shouldn’t even have to exist. There are more important issues in this world. This is merely a “small” problem. It might not even be a problem, or should it?
After weeks of silence, I can finally say what it’s all about. We had to wait for quite some time. Waiting is not my best virtue. Sometimes you want to share something because it’s important. You want the rest of the world to know. I remember the first pregnancy. We had to tell it because she was admitted to hospital. The second pregnancy allowed us to keep the news to ourselves longer. Still, there was this urge to tell the world about all of this.
And now, there is again something that I want the world to know. So loud, that anyone can hear this. But still, it’s a crisis.
How do I write about My Scientist after October 1st, when she will start her new job as an account manager?
That’s right, she will change jobs! Or better; she will start a new job as of October 1st!

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