Passed… or not… or …

Passed… or not… or …


In the Dutch media, there was a lot of talk about the final exams of the high school students. Some were informed that they passed their exams and some students received the news that they passed, only to learn that they didn’t. Others were told that they didn’t pass but did pass. This blog is all about my final exams in high school and disappointment.

Over the last few days, many students learned that they did or did not pass. Those who passed were allowed to celebrate. Not everyone received the right news. Some mistakes were made.
It’s a time of stress. At least, it was for me when I was younger… much younger. My eyes were letting me down, so I got extra time for my exams. Today it seems easier to get more time during an exam. That is a good thing!
Everyone who has done their finals will receive a phone call from the school they attend. This was also the way things were done in “my time” – yes, now I realize that I am really old! My aunt called during the time I was waiting, giving me quite the scare. I told her, I didn’t hear anything yet. She should hang up, straight away.
I passed my finals. I know it must be difficult to receive news about not passing your exams. This is quite the disappointment. It can also be the start of something new or an impulse to keep on fighting.
Even long after my exams, there were many times I had to encounter disappointments. Sometimes things aren’t going the way you want them to go. That’s why I tell my children that there can be disappointing times too. Events that can make you sad. Yes, not passing an exam isn’t the same as other moments of sadness. Still, it is sad and it’s all about how you recover from this.
One thing should be clear for my children. You are allowed to feel sad about something. Talking about this can help. Remembering those moments when there wasn’t any sadness can also help. After a week filled with emotions – I will tell more about this when the time is ready – I know what it’s like to feel the need to look further. To look beyond that what’s troubling you is important. During these moments, I got help from My Scientists, children, relatives, and friends. This helped a lot.
For everyone who realized that they didn’t pass their exams: yes, this is a disappointing moment. You can or you may feel sad about this. I hope you are able to recover from that and move on. Who knows what life has to offer for you! I hope only good things!

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