The electronic poison cup

The electronic poison cup

Let me introduce a new concept: The electronic poison cup. For everyone who is not familiar with this concept: this is a series of events, that can seriously ruin your mood. The electronic poison cup turned out not to be empty this evening.

For those of you who are curious: I’m typing this blog on a eMachines PC. These PC’s were really the thing in 2008 and 2009. Cheap PC’s with a pre-installed version of Ubuntu. Until tonight this one was locked away in the storage in the hallway. I took it out from the storage, because another electronic device failed on me. This eMachines PC now runs MX Linux, because the latest version of Ubuntu was really too much for this “ancient” PC.

This evening started with a lot of strange error messages. The kind of error messages that you can’t really seem to tackle, because they were all different. One time it was the hard drive, the other time it was the memory. Such nice messages that show you the PC you are working on is starting to lead its own life. There isn’t much you can do about this. At random moments Windows showed me this wonderful baby blue screen and restarted. Until now, I did manage to create a installation disk, but I think there is no point. It’s with a good reason for me to think it’s a hopeless effort. Over the last six months several electronic devices failed on me.

That nice, big laptop

Ah, yes, it was such a wonderful big laptop. A 17 inch screen, robust design. I would have no trouble using Photoshop on this one. It was way beyond the limitations of my budget, even when it was a second hands laptop.

You’d probably guessed it… the way something looks doesn’t mean anything. My laptop died on me. Three months after the warranty passed.

Then… a smart phone

I usually buy smart phones that apply to two criteria: they should be able to give me the right amount of storage and I should be able to phone with them. That last part is somewhat strange nowadays. Who even uses their smart phone to call these days?

I bought this smart phone in 2014 and was convinced that it wouldn’t be necessary to buy another one for at least one or two years. This smart phone “thought” differently. One day I said to My Scientist, I needed to buy a new one and this was the second time an electronic device failed on me.

Another laptop!

Well, not just any laptop. A MacBook pro to be precise. One that should easily be able to handle Photoshop. Normally, way out of my reach as it comes to my budget. In this case, it turned out to be a good deal. Not really, given the fact that it also died on my, right?!

Ah, no! The camera!

Ah no! Not that thing I needed the most of all! Well, the laptops too… But the camera, not the camera! Fortunately, the insurance company refunded my camera. I am still waiting for the new one to arrive. Hopefully, tomorrow. Otherwise, I know my mood will be messed up the rest of the week.

After this unfortunate accident (my camera fell down), I thought the worst must be over. Wrong! Tonight I witnessed another electronic device that fails me. This is my monstrous desktop PC. Lots of memory, a video card with extra memory and a fast hard disk. Normally, it boots in just seconds. It doesn’t take long for my photos to load in Photoshop. Everything went well, until tonight.

Strange errors: the memory, the hard disk. One might think I attract this misfortune. But, it seems to be two steps forward, three backward. It’s all about how you want to confront situations such as these. Yes, I am very moody at this point. Still, there isn’t much left to do then to search for other options. This is difficult, this is hard. It’s the only thing to do.

Well, not all is lost. I haven’t lost any data. Since I save my files to the cloud. That’s a good thing. I also am able to write this blog on an “ancient” PC.

Still, considering all: I am done with this poison cup!

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