What to focus on?


Friday morning. My son watches his favorite television series. His father thinks about writing a blog. The question: what to focus on? What should I write about on a day when I again forgot to place a cup underneath my coffee machine.

There were a few subjects worth mentioning this week. Should I write about Jacinda Adern, who gave birth to a daughter? She is the second political leader of a country that gave birth to a child while in office as Prime Minister. The first woman to do this was Benazir Bhutto.
Adern isn’t just the second prime minister to give birth, she is also the youngest political leader of a country. She is 37 years-old. That isn’t the only exception worth to mention. Her husband, Clarke Gayford is going to take care of their daughter once her maternity leave is over.
Yes, this is another exception. It should be, but it is. Adern and Gayford are capable of doing this. This is the same for My Scientist and me. Together we made the decision to do it as follows: she works full time and I take care of the children. Yes, I also am the owner of my own company, but the children come first. I am privileged to do this, but it’s not possible for any father to do this. There are many women who are facing the difficulty of not only getting a decent job. They are also faced with a lower salary, even when they do the same things as men. In the country where I live, there isn’t a real law that prevents this. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to be a key point on the political agenda. This is the same as it comes to the parental leave and especially the possibilities for fathers to make use of the options.
When it comes to many European decisions, The Netherlands is the motivator of these decisions. Not when it comes to parental leave. According to one of the ministers, it’s something that the countries themselves should decide. The excuse was given: the government invests in day-care and this seems to be enough. Well, that depends on what you see as an option. Sometimes it’s not possible for both parents to work. Sometimes one of the parents has to end their career because of a disease that one of the children has. It’s also possible that it’s very hard for a woman to find a good job, especially when she doesn’t receive the same salary (because she is a woman).
Sometimes it’s not easy to see what employers do to get their points on the political agenda. The government recently decided to abolish the dividend tax. This was based on so-called scientific research. Later it became clear that this “evidence” was compiled by Shell. This British-Dutch company evoked the (dividend) tax since 2005, with the approval of the Dutch government (tax authorities).
In short, there is enough to mention this week. Then I have not even mentioned the inhumane conditions in the United States that involve the immigrants and their children…
For now, it’s just another Friday. A day when I again forgot to put a cup under my coffee machine…

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